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Community Health

Liberalized Drug Policy in Switzerland

October 22, 2012 Dave 0

My good friend and citizen of Lucerne, Richard Bosshardt, has brought up the Swiss drug policy evolution (see recent comments) and promises more discussion in the future.  This will be welcome.  His observation is relevant […]

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Adult Drug Use

Why Should We Want a New Drug Policy?

October 16, 2012 Dave 0

Although my proposed book title speaks of a “Plan”, (My Book)   that is a term I use loosely and only for simplicity.  More accurate terms might include ” system”, “scheme” or “Concept”. (Note: After this blog […]

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Harm Reduction

Why Do We Criminally Punish Drug Users?

October 10, 2012 Dave 0

I can almost hear some readers screaming at their computers:  BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS!   Okay, but didn’t we make laws against drugs in the first place solely in order that we could mete out punishment […]