Another Cop Joins Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Formerly known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) was founded in 2002, by five police officers dedicated to educating the public about the harms of drug prohibition. The late Joe McNamara, former Chief of Police of San Jose, CA and before that of Kansas City joined to help in the work of this worthy organization. Late in life, Joe was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford–that’s the kind of stature he had and lent to  LEAP.

More recently, another earnest citizen joined Leap. Officer Monica Westfall’s last job with the Virginia State Police was as an executive secretary in criminal interdiction. In a letter she spoke of her law enforcement family there and said:

“The pride, the honor, the dedication with which those officers wear their uniforms is moving…one can only understand this from inside the circle. But like any family, they have their problems and most of those problems stem from working within a system that is broken in many ways, a system that allows attitudes from the past, rather than evidence-based best practices, to dictate current behavior.”

Feeling isolated because of her views of what is just, she discovered LEAP and “was no longer isolated, but exhilarated to learn there were all these brave souls who felt the way I did, and were willing to speak up, to offer solutions when they knew the status quo was not working.”

There are at least a thousand former enforcement officials at LEAP and several thousand more members who have allied themselves with the cause. You might like to join them.

Meanwhile, visit Reform Drug Policy Project and put your email address in the blank. No money’s involved. It’s free to people who care about a safer and sounder America or those who just want to learn more about our broken system for dealing with drugs in society.

Dave Finch

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