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  1. IT is so true that methadone is so misunderstood after all these years. I myself have done very well on the program. Yes it is right that it is not for addicts that have not been introduced to other tools of recovery first. But for opiate addicts who have had a long history of relapses it is a great tool! I have been able to live without any other drug use for 20 years now. Going to college and raising my kids in our home showing them that, we can make bad choices, but we can also manage to find the right tools to not continue making them! I have shown through my continued compliance with the program I can be trusted. I live 60 miles round trip from the closest clinic, many of us have hardships, and the consideration of letting us have take homes is really needed and appreciated. Of course there is the bad apples that are making the compliant ones look bad. But hopefully the good that is being achieved by so many people ready for a change in their lives will be noticed. It is a great program for us to not to have the craving for opiates, and be able to live without destroying ourselves and our families.

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