Harm Reduction

San Francisco Is Making Pot Records Right

February 6, 2018 Dave 0

The news media in California is all atwitter about San Francisco’s decision to make it unnecessary for those with pot conviction records to hire a lawyer to seal those records. They should be. It’s the […]

Addiction Recovery

Employers Helping the Addicted and Vice Versa

January 30, 2018 Dave 0

People in recovery need the benefits of employment, but many are discouraged from even looking for work. Employers need workers, but often refuse to consider the addicted. States with high opioid use problems are moving […]

Drug Addiction


December 22, 2017 Dave 1

Against the opposition of a lot of dim bulbs, public health officials in Vancouver have just launched a pilot program to give out hydromorphone pills to heroin addicts.  Lock the doors! This week, The Globe […]

Community Health

Marijuana to Treat PTSD

December 8, 2017 Dave 0

Dr. David J.  Shulkin is a board-certified doctor of internal medicine, and is distinguished for his many  medical leadership roles. He”s a smart guy.  You could google him. He now serves as  President Trump’s Secretary […]