Cannabis Candy Is Not Always Dandy

In a previous post I mentioned the problem for adult users of cannabis laced candies, condiments and cookies. Many of these products pack a tremendous punch and there is risk that before the user realizes she’s had too much, she has. This can be a scary and most discomfiting episode. Effects may include panic attacks, disorientation or confusion, drowsiness, paranoia, dizziness, shivering, and vomiting among others.

Pot smokers are much better able to modulate their intake as they go along, tapering down as the high goes higher – stopping before it gets too high.

A chocolate treat with 10 mgs of THC may be more than enough for the person who is not well experienced or has a naturally medium to low tolerance and it takes a couple of hours to reach the maximum effect. One who eats two cookies of more than 5 mg each, which is not usually considered a high dose of THC, may find she has overdone it and wish she hadn’t.

An even more serious problem involves little kids to whom candy is candy. From 2000 to 2013 there was an average of 15 cases per year of children under six admitted to a health care facility for cannabis intoxication. That may not seem like a major problem in a country of well over three hundred million people, but the thing is, averages don’t tell the whole story. The annual rate has been climbing rapidly – especially in states that legalized medical marijuana. We should be very concerned as more states join those allowing commercial retailing of these products.

It seems almost unbelievable that any adult would be careless enough to leave these treats in the way of children, but two realities face us eye to eye: teenage access to them is almost limitless and teenagers are not the most thoughtful and prudent cohort in the world; and a great many young adults are not much better, especially when the marijuana high takes charge of their mental faculties.

We will now see legislators busy again with harsher penalties for endangering kids with cannabis treats. More law and law enforcement headaches are the harvest we’ll reap, coupled with the sadness we feel when innocent children are hurt.

Too bad, because the TCC solution I propose would tolerate adult use, but with counseling, monitoring and control measures that would greatly reduce this nasty and growing problem.

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