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America is Moving in the Right Direction on Drugs

April 10, 2017 Dave 0

People tell me my idea for reforming our criminal justice controls on drug use by setting up a use tolerant system with coach and extra-legal control measures will meet tough resistance from the prohibitionists. Of […]

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New Attorney General Has Not Changed Policy on Pot

April 3, 2017 Dave 0

Speaking of studies showing opioid overdose and death rates are lower in States with medical marijuana, our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions said: “I’m astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin […]

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Can Addiction Treatment Reduce Demand for Drugs?

February 23, 2017 Dave 0

In a speech by President Obama shortly before leaving office, he said: “For too long we’ve viewed drug addiction through the lens of criminal justice. The most important thing to do is reduce demand. And […]

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Role of Coaches in My Drug Policy Reform Proposal

February 7, 2017 Dave 1

Regular readers of these posts know that I advocate not full on legalization of drugs, but toleration of adult purchase through a controlled dispensary system, which includes a counseling program. The counselors, I call them […]

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Can Marijuana Help Fight Opioid Dependence?

December 9, 2016 Dave 1

A couple of years ago the  School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins  reported: “In states where it is legal to use medical marijuana to manage chronic pain and other conditions, the annual number of […]

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Call No One “Addict”, Especially Yourself

July 19, 2016 Dave 0

  Should a person with the condition called addiction be called an addict?  No! says an experienced addict: don’t call me an addict. I have a condition, but the condition is not me, she insists. […]