Drug Addiction

Supervised Injection Facilities Save Lives

June 7, 2017 Dave 0

State governors and large city mayors are in a panic over the epidemic of opioid overdoses and deaths. They are budgeting vast sums of taxpayer dollars to fight it. Throwing money at jailing offenders and […]

Adult Drug Use

Saving Lives with Marijuana

March 3, 2017 Dave 0

Typically opponents of medical marijuana claim that it is too dangerous, it’s not approved by the FDA and we have other legal drugs that do the same thing. Besides they argue, pot is  addictive, it’s […]

Community Safety

Addiction Induced Crime: An Ignored Disaster

February 16, 2017 Dave 0

Our anti-drug laws make drugs expensive. A young person who falls into the trap of addiction often lacks means to supply herself by legal means. It’s a bigger problem for our economy than people seem […]