Harm Reduction

Another Cop Joins Law Enforcement Action Partnership

November 23, 2017 Dave 0

Formerly known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) was founded in 2002, by five police officers dedicated to educating the public about the harms of drug prohibition. The late Joe […]

Drug Addiction

Supervised Injection Facilities Save Lives

June 7, 2017 Dave 0

State governors and large city mayors are in a panic over the epidemic of opioid overdoses and deaths. They are budgeting vast sums of taxpayer dollars to fight it. Throwing money at jailing offenders and […]

Addiction Recovery

America is Moving in the Right Direction on Drugs

April 10, 2017 Dave 0

People tell me my idea for reforming our criminal justice controls on drug use by setting up a use tolerant system with coach and extra-legal control measures will meet tough resistance from the prohibitionists. Of […]

Harm Reduction

Good Going Governor

September 6, 2016 Dave 0

It is reliably pleasing when Republican politicians do the right thing on drug policy issues. Though New Jersey governor and Trump supporter, Chris Christie had previously opposed needle exchange programs, he has now signed into […]

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Adult Drug Use

Pot Possession Arrests–What a Crime

May 12, 2016 Dave 0

According to the Drug Policy Alliance there were 700, 993 arrests related to marijuana in 2014, and 88% of those were for possession only. The math: 616,873 were arrested for nothing more serious than pot […]

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Community Health

Ithaca, New York, a Grown Up Town

March 8, 2016 Dave 0

Like the resplendent faculae that burst out from the sun’s core isolated spots in our country are flaring with revolutionary ideas to deal with our useless war on drugs.  The LEAD experiment in Seattle is […]

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Adult Drug Use

Curbing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome with TCC

April 5, 2015 Dave 0

It is an utter and complete shame when a newborn comes into our world with an opiate dependence and, now been disconnected from Mom’s nutrition supply, must go through withdrawal on the way to becoming […]