Harm Reduction

San Francisco Is Making Pot Records Right

February 6, 2018 Dave 0

The news media in California is all atwitter about San Francisco’s decision to make it unnecessary for those with pot conviction records to hire a lawyer to seal those records. They should be. It’s the […]

Community Health

Marijuana to Treat PTSD

December 8, 2017 Dave 0

Dr. David J.  Shulkin is a board-certified doctor of internal medicine, and is distinguished for his many  medical leadership roles. He”s a smart guy.  You could google him. He now serves as  President Trump’s Secretary […]

Harm Reduction

Another Cop Joins Law Enforcement Action Partnership

November 23, 2017 Dave 0

Formerly known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) was founded in 2002, by five police officers dedicated to educating the public about the harms of drug prohibition. The late Joe […]

Law and Drugs

Drugs and Violence: A Confused Conflation

November 16, 2017 Dave 0

Is there a connection between drugs and violence? Yes, but it is the violence of the illegal traffickers in vicious competition with each other or in conflicts with law enforcement. Putting it another way, drug […]

Adult Drug Use

Eradicating Coca Crops. Well that Didn’t Work

September 10, 2017 Dave 0

Drug prohibitionists have recently suggested we’re succeeding in stopping the flow of cocaine into the country because of billions spent eradicating coca crops in Columbia. Many of us guessed they were wrong and now the […]